The Shower Shaving Mirror

With our shaving mirror, you will step out of the shower with great looking skin and a smooth shave.


Shaving and Skincare in One Simple Step

Dogface Skin & Shave

The Dogface Wakeup Gel doubles as an exfoliating cleanser and a lubricating shaving gel.

The Technobrush helps exfoliate your skin, opens up your pores and softens your beard.

The Revolutionary



Patented and proprietary brush head and red light for cleansing, exfoliating and general skin wellness.

100% Waterproof

In the shower. By the sink.

Wireless Charging

A month-long battery life.

Wireless charging stand included.

Science and Nature

combined in a

Premium Cleanser

Jojoba Esters

Reduce flaky, dry rough patches and increase skin firmness.

Vegetable Collagen

Improve skin elasticity and increase blood flow to the skin.

5-in-1 Treatment Gel

Buff away dead skin cells, promote healthy skin pH, intensely hydrate, boost elasticity, minimize appearance of pores.

I Definitely notice
the difference

This is the fastest and most comfortable shave I ever had. I love being able to shave so easily in the shower! - Christopher


My skin feels smoother than ever. I’ve never actually had my skin feel this soft after shaving. - Marco

my favorite part of
my shower every day

Using the Dogface Wakeup gel is my favorite part of the shower every day. The real issue I had with my skin was unevenness. I realized now over the past few days that my skin tone has evened out. - Garrett

Made For Men

One simple routine designed for Men.

Performance Based

Hard working ingredients that
improve your skin.

US Made Formulas

Premium quality unconditionally