About Us

Why Dogface?                                                     

We are changing skincare for men.

That’s because the skincare industry has mostly failed to recognize that men are different. Our skin is different: oiler, with larger pores, and up to 30% thicker. Our bathroom rituals are different. And simply repackaging the industry standard “seven steps at the sink” in black packaging will never cut it.  

Despite the increased demand for skincare and men’s desire to look and feel their best, guys are still getting the short end of the stick.

Our solution? We moved skincare to the shower with one simple Daily Manfacial that gives you instantly better-looking skin. No flavor of the month ingredients, no fancy packaging, no wasted time.

We also added highly effective day and night creams with a proprietary delivery system, powerful botanicals, and ultra-hydrating ingredients.

We are on a mission to give men skin that looks great all day long. We guarantee our products with pride, and we are relentless in delivering real results.

Welcome to Dogface.