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Performance Skincare for The Man Routine

Our products are hard working, science-based and deliver results. No flavor of the month ingredients, no fancy packaging, no time to waste.

Skincare Around the Clock

Made For Men

One simple routine designed for Men.

Performance Based

Hard working ingredients that
improve your skin.

US Made Formulas

Premium quality unconditionally

Upgrade Your Skin Game

in 10 seconds

Day Cream

Ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid combined with botanicals.

Restores skin suppleness.

Prevents dehydration.

Increases water content on the top layers of skin.

Night Serum

Retinol delivered through proprietary MICROSPONGE® sustained release technology.

Evens skin surface.

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Promotes a fresher skin tone.

I Definitely notice the difference

Using the Dogface was very easy. I couldn't even believe how quick it was. I feel like my whole face is one even tone. - Christopher

It’s super moisturizing

I really do love this product. My face feels so much different than it did before. It's super moisturizing, my face feels great afterwards. I've never understood that term, fresh face, until now. - Bennett

my favorite part of my shower every day

Using the Dogface Wakeup gel is my favorite part of the shower every day. The real issue I had with my skin was unevenness. I realized now over the past few days that my skin tone has evened out. - Garrett


After a few months of using Dogface, my wife (and some friends) have noted my face appears brighter and firmer. I like using the brush in the shower in the morning as it not only wakes me up, but I allso feel the results as I'm getting ready for my day. - Bill

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