Why Use A Men's Facial Brush?

Why use a men’s facial brush?

Facial brushes aren’t always a given in men’s skincare routines. If cleansing and moisturising are the building blocks of a solid skincare regime, then where do facial brush fit in? And are they even necessary?

Adding some sort of facial brush with exfoliating properties to your routine will supercharge your skincare and help you get great looking skin. And if you’re already using a men’s facial brush, knowing how often to use it will prevent over-exfoliation and damage to your skin barrier.

Benefits of using a facial brush for men

A lot of men will either not use a face brush at all, or use one too much. Neither scenario will give the best results for your skin, so the Dogface experts are here to clarify everything you need to know about men’s facial brushes.

Remove dead skin cells

One of the primary reasons to use a men’s facial brush is to remove dead skin cells. This is the process of exfoliation, which is an additional skincare step that men should ideally be doing several times a week. Sloughing off dead cells with a face brush could help speed up the skin’s renewal process, leaving your skin brighter and healthier afterwards.  

Achieve better shaving results

‘For men, exfoliation is particularly useful for reducing ingrown hairs associated with shaving’, says Dr. Michele Green, Dermatologist and Advisory Board Member, Gya Labs. ‘By sloughing off the dead cells, exfoliation allows hairs to grow through the skin's surface normally. It also smooths away roughness from shaving.’

Aside from using a shower shaving mirror, a facial brush is the next best thing to add to your grooming routine to achieve a clean, smooth shave.

Get more even skin tone

Facial brushes with rotating brush heads have a massaging and exfoliation effect, specifically when used with a cleanser designed for the brush. The combination of massaging, exfoliation and cleanser ingredient can even skin tone and give you a fresh face.

How often should you use a men’s facial brush?

How often you should use a men’s facial brush ultimately comes down to your skin’s wants and needs. Men with oilier skin are more prone to breakouts, so might benefit from gently exfoliation every day. Men with more dry, sensitive skin should only use a face brush every other day, as their skin may be more likely to be damaged by over-exfoliation.

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